Here's what to expect, from start to finish!

Initial Consultation

During this first meeting, we will look at and measure the wall/walls, and talk about what you would like the overall theme of your mural to be. If you have a specific idea of what you would like, we will be able to move more quickly. If you have general thoughts or ideas that need focusing, this stage could become more involved, including research and more meetings to discuss options and come to concrete decisions. I will create a rough sketch for you to ensure that we are on the same track. When the general theme and sketches are agreed upon, I will write up a final proposal and contract.



I will submit a proposal to you outlining in detail what work will be done, and give you a written estimate which includes costs for design development, painting of the mural, and supplies. If I foresee the development stage of the process to be greater than 4 hours, you may receive a separate contract for that stage, and one for the actual painting of the mural. After the contract has been approved, the development of the final design and detailed sketches will commence.


Development - Detailed Sketches

This is where I will develop the design from research material, discussions and sketches, and complete a full drawing, in smaller scale (usually 1 ft. - 2 inch.) of the proposed mural. I can also select paint swatches to give you an idea of the general colorations of the mural if you request that.



Each mural is unique in its subject matter and design. The level of detail and intricacy in the design, as well as the constraints of the work area, will determine how many sessions will be needed, and of what duration they can be. The scheduling of those sessions will be discussed, as well as a target date for completion of the mural.



Only after you are fully satisfied with the scaled drawings of the mural will painting progress. One third of the total payment is due at this time.


Painting the Mural

All floors and finished walls will be protected with drop cloths and low tack masking materials. The wall surfaces may need to be primed with an Acrylic Primer or Sealer. This additional step would be added into the materials and labor cost, and would be discussed with you prior to application. Indoor murals are painted with low VOC Interior Latex, and water based Acrylic paints, that dry quickly, with very little if no odor. I use Liquitex Acrylics, and they conform to the highest health and safety standards. The paints are non-toxic. The wall will be washable and fade resistant, although may be susceptible to scratching or scuffing as with any type of painted wall.  Murals painted on MDF (medium density fiberboard) will be primed prior to painting and will resist moisture and warping. Installation costs of murals painted on MDF will be included in your estimate, as well as the cost of the board. Outdoor murals are painted with exterior latex paints and carry the longevity and color fastness ratings from low to high - economy to premium quality paints. I recommend using the highest quality paints - especially for walls with long sun exposure.



At the completion and approval of the mural, you will receive an "Actual Bill" detailing the actual hours (may exceed estimate), including travel reimbursement and any additional pre-approved costs incurred during the process. You will be credited the percentage you paid before the painting began.


An interior acrylic painted mural will retain its brilliance for at least ten years, and may be brushed lightly with a soft damp cloth. I will be happy to complete any minor repairs from scratching or scuffing au gratis for the first year from completion date. After that, my hourly rate will apply to any work done on the mural.