About me...Kristine Izak

My first large scale painting projects were scenery and backdrops for dance concerts and theatrical productions. My skill in painting murals has grown out of these experiences, as well as from my education in graphic design, illustration, fine arts, costume and scene design. Dancing Line Murals is based in beautiful Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Most of my work has been in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. I began the company over twenty years ago, and my business has grown through referrals and commercial work.


People have asked why I have chosen my business title. I am also a professional dance instructor and choreographer, and I have found that the art of dance has influenced the way I create and paint. You might say I am 'choreographing' the lines, textures and colors, creating a flowing, cohesive mural.  My style is a reflection of my life's passion.

Besides painting on walls, I paint on canvas too! I sell my work , originals and prints in my online gallery here:


My paintings became the inspiration for my first published coloring book, Dance Dreams Coloring Book - Vol.1, In Your Element. I have since created two more volumes, and together over 3,000 copies have been sold on Amazon! You can preview the books and download free coloring pages here through this link:



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Add to the Beauty

Acrylic on Canvas 12 x 12 inch


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